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    Welcome to Zhejiang Bensheng Bearing Co.,Ltd.


    Zhejiang Bensheng Bearing Co.,Ltd.


    Zhejiang Bensheng  bearing co., LTD., founded in 2013, is one of the enterprises of China specializing in the production of precision bearing, existing staff 250 people, technical personnel 30 people, the company has professional grinding machine more than 160 units, with an annual output of 30 million sets of bearings, with annual sales of 120 million yuan. The company established the perfect metrological analysis test method, ensure the quality of the each link from the blank to the finished product index reached domestic advanced level, can replace the imported bearing......



    Energy bearing as won't produce can lead to the greenhouse effect of co2 clean energy, wind power is spread rapidly in countries around the world. Large wind turbines (windmill) is a giant machine, now many construction of 2 mw wind power equipment, the windmill blade about 40 meters long, the height of the axis of rotation of 60 to 100 meters, more than the total weight of 200 tons. As a result, the windmill used bearings must also is a large, range inner diameter is 100 mm to 700 mm, some models, need nearly 2 meters of bearing inner diameter.


    There are many different kinds of machinery, is 24 hours a day continuous operation of the equipment. Either of these mechanical machinery fault happens, would give the scene of the mining production caused great influence, and, due to the recent large-scale machinery, also make maintenance work very hard. Therefore, in terms of bearing the use of the environment, "heavy load and impact load", "light load and high speed rotation" and "heavy load and low speed rotation" for bearing a lot of very harsh conditions. Bearing of the user's desire is, therefore, have to withstand the sturdiness and durability of the bad working condition and high reliability products. To meet the requirements of users, the bearing has been, will own the core technology namely materials, lubrication technology, analytical technology and the integration of advanced bearing design technology, is committed to research and development. As a result, achieved can provide substantially beyond the past bearing "long life and high limit speed" target level of products, improve mining field under harsh conditions for the customer the production efficiency and reduce maintenance cost.


    There are many different kinds of metallurgical equipment, not only has the raw material factory required equipment, also include steelmaking process, rolling process and formation process from the upstream to the downstream process equipment as needed. These devices, equipped with all kinds of bearings. These bearings are in metallurgical equipment "iron powder", "water" and "hot" conditions, but also to meet the "heavy load + vibration shock", "from ultra low speed to high speed + sharp deceleration" conditions of use, such as used in its very bad working conditions. Stable operation and improve production efficiency, it may be said is a representative in the area of metallurgical equipment industry proposition. This bearing proposition to contribute to target, not only in the height of the bearing design technology, also from bearing materials, lubrication technology, analytical techniques such as internal various point of view, promote research and development of corresponding measures and work every day.


    In recent years, the paper industry to improve the efficiency of production, paper machine is high speed, wide development. In addition, to reduce downtime caused by accidental failures, paper machine used bearings are required to have a higher reliability. The sheng bearing has can meet the requirements of product series, every department machine of paper production line is equipped with the bearings. In particular, dry on the use of the heat treatment technology of material of special bearing "TL (Tough & Long life bearings" and material technology, design technology, manufacturing technology of the development of the comprehensive ability "deep groove ball bearings, etc., assuming the important role of supporting the papermaking industry. The bearing in the future will continue to develop and improve the production efficiency is closely related to the high reliability of the bearing, always make contributions to the development of papermaking industry. Dry roller bearing used in papermaking machine, due to the high temperature steam by roller, bearing is in high temperature environment.


    Bensheng bearing is can develop and provide for machine tool bearing accessories products manufacturers. Bensheng bearing friction control technology as the core, has can drastically reduce energy consumption of the analytical technology and the corresponding demand rigorous assessment evaluation technology, and reduce energy consumption and high performance of both lubrication technology. And, this also can make the product making great efforts to the key technology of long life materials technology research and development, and efforts to meet the requirements of bearing the high performance and protect the environment, striving to develop environmentally friendly products. As mechanical bearing accessories manufacturers, the higher level needs to meet the customer at the same time, also help clients to achieve machine from start running as soon as possible to all the requirements for the overall optimization.


    The growing demand of modern agriculture, scale, location, altitude, climate, soil structure and crop rotation, make each farm is unique. Farm equipment needed in many similar work challenging conditions. Is full of mud, dust and debris. Very hot and cold temperature. The rains washed out. Sometimes a corrosive chemicals. Idle for a long time, must carry on the operation of the high strength. Rising fuel costs and new environmental protection laws and regulations, can only complicate matters. We work closely with original equipment manufacturers, research and development in view of the actual problem solution, and then work in our laboratory and farm inspection scheme is feasible.
    Agricultural solutions, developed a series of products and services, to help the original equipment manufacturers and farmers meet the ever-changing industry growing demand. Whatever products - from complex combinations to special accessories, agricultural solution enables the end user benefit: reduce the maintenance costs and prolong the service life of equipment, reduce the use amount of fuel oil and grease, the degree of automation and precision higher and higher equipment working ability and improve the safety and comfort.


    Zhejiang Bensheng Bearing Co.,LTD.

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