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    How to choose the thrust ball bearing

    There are two key points for the assembly of thrust ball bearings. One is the control of the compression quality of the holder and the steel ball, and the other is the control of the nominal height T after the bearing is assembled. In addition, because the rings and rings can be separated, it brings about a management problem. It is to prevent the mixing of imported bearing parts. The M-type stamping holder uses a curved assembly mold. After pressing, the steel ball is required to rotate flexibly in the pocket hole, but it can not be detached from the pocket hole, and the technical procedures check the movement of the steel ball in the pocket hole. Too deep press of the physical holder will cause the steel ball to become less volatile, and the connection between the printed raised part and the holder is too small and the strength is insufficient, and it is prone to block loss, causing the holder to be scrapped. The diameter difference between the small thrust ball bearing ring and the shaft circle is very small, and there is no significant difference between the two rings. In order to prevent the phenomenon of mixing, a set of bearings installed is a seat ring or a shaft ring. case. This requires certain measures to be taken. Usually, when fitting, the ring and the block are distinguished by the auxiliary kit, or the inner diameter size is checked with the inner diameter plug gauge before the height of the inspection. For the convenience of the inner diameter, the seat ring is placed below. The rings are on top. If the inner diameter of the pavilion has obvious quenching and heating oxidation color or without grinding, there is no need to check the inner diameter size. It is obvious that the difference between the shaft and the seat ring is not easy to mix. After the thrust ball bearing is assembled, it is necessary to measure the nominal height T and confirm that it is a hundred. When measuring, use height block or standard parts to calibrate, and measure the load, the bearing needs to rotate dozens of times, must reach the minimum height.

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