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    Three troublesome disadvantages that the domestic rolling bearing industry faces

    1. The concentration ratio of the rolling bearing industry is low. In the 30 billion dollars of the world's total sales revenue of the rolling bearing industry, eight most famous corporations account for 75 to 80 percent. And for more, the top two manufacturers of the rolling bearing in Germany account for 90 percent of their total domestic sales revenue; and the same ratio in Japan for their top five manufacturers; and the ratio is 56 percent for the biggest one manufacturer in America. But in China, the top ten manufacturers only account for 24.7 percent of the total domestic sale revenue. And the concentration ratio is only 37.4 percent for the top 30 manufacturers.

     Experts said that there were three reasons for that: first, the old brand Chinese state-owned enterprises had developed slowly because of the national economic system; second, lots of advanced and excellent private enterprises in China have still stayed in the growth stage; last, the capacity of the rolling bearing industry is extremely excess, and the repeated construction with low-level technologies is ordinary.

     2. We lack the research and innovated ability. Most enterprises input very few in the talents resources and fund, and also in the construction of innovated system. And the scientific research institutions of the rolling bearing industry have moved towards enterprisation, the whole country pays little attention to the research of technologies of the rolling bearing industry. So there are few original technologies and patented products of China. The rolling bearings, which are used in high-speed passenger car, superior quality car, computer, air conditioner, mainly rely on being imported.

     3. The manufacture technology level is low. The technologies and equipments of the Chinese rolling bearing industry have developed slowly, the numerical control rate of the machinery process is too low, there are only 200 automatic production lines in the whole country.

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