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    Talking about the lubrication way of single row bearing

    In the oil and gas lubrication system, tubing refers to the pipeline from the oil pump to the oil and gas mixer. Pressure resistant steel pipes should be used, and their internal diameter can be set according to the fluid movement conditions. The trachea refers to the pipeline from the gas source to the oil and gas mixer, and its inner diameter is generally 2 times the inner diameter of the oil trachea. The form of lubricating oil into the bearing depends entirely on the type of bearing and the design performance of the bearing assembly.

    Single row of lubricating oil lubricating oil can enter the bearing from the edge, the nozzle hole and the inner ring of the bearing are at the same height, and must not directly face the ball bearing isolation ring. The lubrication oil and gas can also be sent to the outer circle of the bearing. In this case, the lubricant should not be directly in the pressure area between the ball and the outer ring.

    In the oil and gas lubrication system, the amount of oil required for each lubricating car lubricant is 15mL/min, and the gas volume is 19L/min. The system achieves the effect of not only ensuring lubrication but also reducing oil consumption. Oil used for oil and gas lubrication is used once and not recycled. The oil quantity and gas volume of lubrication point can be accurately controlled, and the oil quantity and gas volume can be adjusted to ensure that the lubrication point is in the optimal lubrication state.

    In addition, the compressed air is smaller than heat and has a high flow rate. It is easy to take away friction heat, and the compressed air has a certain pressure and can play a sealing role in the bearing cavity. Oil and gas lubrication for a long period of time to lubricate the point with new oil(work about 5 min consumed), to ensure that the working lubricant is neither aging, nor scorching.

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