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    With the bearing and use?

    Bearing with the

    1, with choice

    Rolling bearing inside diameter size and outside diameter size is made according to the standard tolerance, bearing inner ring and the shaft, the outer ring and a hole with tightness can only by controlling the tolerance of the shaft neck and tolerance of hole. Bearing inner ring with the shaft with the use of hole system, bearing outer ring with a hole using the basic shaft system.

    Right choice to cooperate, we must know the actual load condition of bearing, operating temperature and other requirements, but in fact it is very difficult. As a result, most of the time, is according to the use of lapping choice to cooperate.

    2, the load size

    Between ring and the shaft or the shell of a win depends on the size of the load, heavy load using a larger quantity of a win, a lighter load using a smaller amount of a win

    Using the matters needing attention

    Rolling bearing is precision parts, and therefore a prudent attitude when use requirements accordingly, even if the use of high performance bearing, if use undeserved, can't achieve the expected performance. So, the use of the bearing should pay attention to the following items:

    A clean, keep bearing and the surrounding environment. Even very small dust into the bearings, also exacerbate bearing wear, vibration and noise.

    2, should be careful when installing, are not allowed to powerful punch, can not directly on the bearing, not allowed by transfer roller pressure.

    Third, using the correct installation tools, use special tools as far as possible, avoid using cloth class and short fiber, things like that.

    Four, prevent the corrosion rust of bearing, bearing is best not to directly with the hand, should besmear again after high quality mineral oils, especially in the rainy season and summer to pay attention to rust.

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