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    Tapered roller bearing precision grade, the higher the better?

    Tapered roller bearing precision grade, the higher the better?

    The precision of the bearing, mainly includes two aspects: one is the dimensional accuracy, the other is rotation accuracy. After installation of the former is the bearing requirements of the project. The rotation accuracy is rotary pendulum, including the inner and outer ring of the radial and axial runout, radius of inner ring side swing and the vertical degree of tolerance range.

    Bearing precision grade from normal levels of level 0 to 6, 5, 4 and 2, increase in turn. China adopts the bearings are standard GB307 rules.

    This type of bearings taper roller bearing is a kind of separation, this kind of bearing structure is mainly inner and outer ring have tapered roller way. It has three different structural type, respectively is: according to the roller number of columns can be divided into single row circular cone roller bearings, double row taper roller bearings taper roller bearings and tear.

    Tapered roller bearing is mainly in order to mainly bear radial diameter, the axial load. Outer ring raceway Angle will directly affect the bearing capacity, the greater the Angle of the outer ring raceway, the greater the carrying capacity of the bearing. Single row circular cone roller bearings clearance to adjust the need of users in the installation, double row and four row circular cone roller bearings clearance is initially at the time of the factory according to customer requirements for a given, does not need to be adjusted by the user.

    Tapered roller bearings are separated type, mainly because it by inner ring with roller and cage components. In many areas of industrial life have good performance, the most common areas are: automotive, rolling mill, metallurgy, mining and plastics machinery, etc.

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