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    Analysis on the Burn State of the Metric Cone Roller

    What is the burn state of the cone roller:

    The burn damage state of the metric cone roller bearing is The Raceway wheels, roller bodies, and holder of the metric cone roller bearings gather heat or color, soften, melt, and break during rotation. The main reason for the burn of the metric cone roller bearings is due to the poor lubrication of the bearings. Irregular lubricants may be used. Or too much lubricant, that's not true.

    Second, it may be too large load, too large speed, too small clearance, there is water or other foreign body invasion. If the above two cases are not, then it is the shaft, the accuracy of the bearing box is poor, and the shaft deflection is large.

    Solutions for cone roller Burns:

    Firstly, we should study lubricant and lubrication method. Select the right lubricant for the bearings and the amount of the bearings, and correct the choice of the metric tapered roller bearings. Study to match, bearing clearance and prepressure, and improve sealing device and accuracy of inspection shaft and bearing box. It is recommended that in the use of metric conical roller bearings, attention should be paid to installation, lubrication, clearance and other links to achieve as accurate as possible, in place.

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