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    Detailed installation steps for conical roller bearings

    Cone roller bearings are detachable bearings with internal and external rings that can be separated. Therefore, during installation, the inner ring holder roller body components can be respectively pressed into the upper shaft outer ring separately into the bearing seat hole. When pressing with the sleeve, care must be taken that one end of the sleeve must be placed on the outer ring end surface. On the inclined roller surface.

    Most cone roller bearings are used in pairs. In the installation should focus on three aspects of the selection of installation adjustment of axial clearance for debugging and temperature detection.

    Select Fit Installation

    The outer ring of the cone roller bearing and the housing hole of the bearing seat should not be used at the same time as the inner ring and shaft neck. It should be adjusted to produce more flexible axial displacement when installing the nut. Because the cone roller bearing if the use of the bearing contact angle of the interference can easily lead to uneven bearing load distribution caused by the high temperature rise. Therefore, this type of bearing inner and outer rings and shell holes of the bearing neck and bearing seat generally apply both hands and thumb to push it into the shaft neck, and the shell hole is the best hole.

    Adjust axial clearance

    For mounting the thrust gap of conical roller bearings can be used to adjust the nuts on the shaft neck, adjust the washer and bearing seat threads or with pre-compression Springs for adjustment. The axial clearance is the size of the bearing at the time of installation. In this arrangement, the distance between the bearing, the shaft and the bearing can be determined according to the working conditions. In order to adjust the clearance for high load, the high speed conical roller bearing must adjust the increase of the gap caused by the influence of temperature rise on the axial clearance, that is, the axial gap should be adjusted to a greater extent. For low speed and vibration bearings, no-gap installation or pre-installation should be adopted. The purpose of this paper is to make the contact load of cone roller bearings and raceways evenly distributed so as to prevent the drum and roller from being damaged by vibration. Check the size of the adjustment axial clearance with a thousandth meter. The method is to fix the first millimetre on the fuselage or shell so that the shiny surface of the millimetre contact axis reaches the shaft. The maximum allowable amount for an axial needle is the value of the axial gap.

    Conduct commissioning and temperature monitoring

    In order to make the roller of cone roller bearings in good contact with the Raceway and to obtain suitable axial clearance, the sub-bearing installation and each adjustment of the clearance should be tested and tested. The method is the first low-speed operation 2-8 minutes, then the speed test 2 hours, and then step by step to the high speed. Each stage of speed test operation must not be less than 30 minutes heating speed can not exceed 5 °C / hour final stable temperature does not exceed 70 °C. In addition, when installing and adjusting cone roller bearings, it should also be noted that the need to make cone rollers and ring large ribs contact well.

    One, install the bearings.

    Bearing must be installed in a dry, clean environment. Before installation, attention should be paid to checking the joint surface of the shaft and shell, the end surface of the shoulder, the quality of the groove and the connection surface. By having a surface that must be carefully cleaned and removed by removing burrs. In addition to cleaning sand, unprocessed surfaces must also be removed. The bearings should be installed before the first use of gasoline or kerosene. After use, they are clean and dry and ensure that the bearings of the lubricating shaft are good. The general use of grease can also be used for lubricants. The use of grease lubrication should be used without impurities, anti-oxidation, prevent unfamiliar, extreme pressure and other excellent performance of grease. The grease filling capacity for bearings and bearing cases should not be too much of a 30-60 ton volume for double row conical roller bearings and pump sealing structure bearings filled with grease. The bearing shall be arranged with equal pressure on the circumference of the end surface of the ring. Use a hammer and other tools to hit the bearing end directly to avoid damage to the bearing. In this case, the sleeve is pressed on the sleeve at room temperature with less interference. Press the sleeve through the sleeve. For example, in the case of a large number of installations, hydraulic presses can be used. In the case of pressure matching, the end surface of the outer ring and the inner surface of the outer shell should be fixed. When heating the oil bath or heating the sensor by heating the heating temperature can be used interference fan ambient temperature 80 °C -100 °C, up to a maximum of 120 °C. Tighten the shaft with a nut or other suitable method in order to prevent the bearings from cooling the direction of contraction of the shaft neck and the gap between the shoulders. The final clearance shall be adjusted for a single cone roller bearing installation. The clearance value shall be based on the use of different workers and shall be determined by the specific size of the disturbance. If necessary, tests should be conducted to determine. Double-row conical roller bearings and pump shaft bearings have been adjusted at the factory clearance installation, no adjustment is required. After the bearing is installed, the rotation test of the rotating shaft or bearing base shall be carried out first. Force operation without load, run at low speed, then gradually increase speed and load, measure and detect noise, vibration and temperature rise anomalies should be stopped and checked. Pre-delivery running tests are normal.

    Use of bearing environment

    According to the use of components and conditions of use and environmental conditions to select the size, accuracy and the appropriate bearing is the same bearing life and feasibility of the premise.

    1, use site

    Cone roller bearings are suitable for radial and axial loads of radial loads. Bearings are mainly used for the front and rear wheels, active Bevel gears, differential, reducer and other transmission moving parts.

    2, allow speed

    Bearing speed limit is allowed to be 0.3-0 .5 times under proper installation and good lubrication conditions. Generally normal at 0.2 times, the limit speed is the most appropriate.

    3, allow tilt angle

    Cone roller bearings generally do not allow the shaft to tilt relative to the shell hole, with a maximum of 2 '.

    4, allowed temperature

    Normal loads and lubricants under normal working conditions have high temperature resistance and sufficient lubrication to allow working at ambient temperatures from -30 °C to 150 °C.

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