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    Bearing maintenance cycle bearing how to maintain and maintain

    How long will the bearings be maintained? The bearing can theoretically be used for 20000~80000 hours, but the specific life depends on the wear and working strength during use.


    To dry the cleaned bearings with dry rags, immerse them in antirust oil. In this process, the bearings should be completely exposed to the rust proof oil, and the bearings are not stopped. In this way, the oil film formed by the antirust oil can be covered on the surface of the bearing, so as to achieve the purpose of anti rust.


    Next, use lithium grease and butter to evenly coat the surface of the bearing, including the inner and outer rings, wheels and cage. And the side is used to turn the bearing, so that the butter can really enter the inner part of the bearing and play a full lubrication role. First, the bearings are cleaned in gasoline, and the mud and dust remaining on the bearing are removed. All the bearings with rust are gently rubbed and polished with metallographic sand paper until they are felt without a sense of roughness.


    The last process is packing. In order to save the cost, we "turn waste into treasure", cut the waste cement bag from the warehouse, cut it into a suitable packing bag, wrap the bearing tightly, wrap it well, and mark the specifications and models of the bearing back to the shelf and store it on the shelf.


    How to maintain the bearing


    In order to give full play to the bearing and maintain its proper performance for a long time, regular maintenance must be done regularly. It is very important to improve the productivity and economy by finding out the faults early and preventing accidents. The bearings are properly coated with antirust oil and packed with rust proof paper when they leave the factory. As long as the package is not damaged, the quality of the bearing will be guaranteed. But when stored for a long time, it is advisable to store it on a shelf above 30cm at a humidity below 65% and a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. In addition, the storage area should avoid direct sunlight or touch with cold walls. When the bearings are removed for inspection, the photographic record shall be made first by means of photography. In addition, confirm the amount of remaining lubricant and sample the lubricant, then clean the bearing.


    1, bearing shall be strictly replaced at regular intervals, and the replacement period shall be reasonably set according to the operating conditions of the bearing.


    2, the new bearing must be checked before the use of the new bearings. The contents of the inspection are as well as the completeness of the packaging (with the instructions for use, the qualification certificate); the identification (factory name and model) is clear; whether the appearance (rust, damage) is good or not;


    3, the new bearings that have been inspected can not be cleaned under general service conditions (more than 2 poles of motor), and the new sealed bearings are not cleaned. 4, bearing must be cleaned before changing oil front bearing cover and bearing. Cleaning is divided into rough and fine wash, crude oil is clean diesel or kerosene, refined oil is clean gasoline.


    5, when rough washing, old bearings scrape the waste oil with bamboo chips, then wash with soft hair in the cleaning fluid. When washing, it is required to be in the same direction and the rolling element must not be allowed to rotate. In fine cleaning, slowly rotate the bearings in the oil and wash them carefully. Finally, rinse two times with clean gasoline.


    6, after the bearing is cleaned, the hand should rotate flexibly with the radial and axial movements of the hand. It can initially judge whether the loosening or clearance is too large. Check the gap when necessary. It is found that serious wear, rust and metal spalling should be replaced with ball or roller frames.


    7, after cleaning and checking the bearing, wipe the detergent (or dry) with white cloth and add qualified grease. It is not allowed to add different types of grease to the same bearing.


    8, when refueling is not allowed to dust in the surrounding environment; use clean hands to fuel, one hand slowly rotates the whole bearing, the first hand uses the middle finger and the index finger to press the oil into the bearing cavity. Add one side and then go on the other side. According to the pole number of the motor, remove the excess oil.


    9, bearing and bearing cover fuel quantity: bearing cover oil amount of bearing cover capacity 1/2 ~ 2/3 (motor pole number high limit); bearing oil quantity bearing inner and outer ring cavity of 1/2 ~ 2/3 (motor pole number high limit).


    10, the motor end cover with oil filling holes and oil drain holes must be cleaned when changing oil, so as to keep the passages open. Oil must be filled in the injection hole when refueling.


    11, motors with oil holes must be fed regularly. The oil replenishing period is determined according to the motor running requirements and operating conditions (usually 24 hours running 500 hours of two pole motors).


    When the oil is filled 12, the oil filling mouth must be clean. The amount of oil is only limited by 2 degrees centigrade. (2 pole motor oil gun fast oil injection two observation 10 minutes, decide whether to continue adding according to the situation).


    13, when the bearing is disassembled, it must ensure that the force point is correct (the inner ring of the shaft is stressed, the inner and outer ring of the cover is stressed) and the force is uniform. It is best to press in (small motor) and heat sleeve (large interference and large motor).


    14, when the bearing is installed, evenly grease the contact surface. The bearing inner ring and shoulder clearance must be checked when the bearing is installed.


    15, the temperature control of heating by bearing heating is between 80 and 100 degrees, and 80 to 100 degrees is controlled within 10 minutes. Oil heating ensures the use of non corrosive mineral oil with good thermal stability (preferably transformer oil), and oil and containers should be cleaned. A metal net is placed at the bottom of the oil groove from 50 to 70mm, the bearing is placed on the Internet, and the large bearing is hung with hooks.

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