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    Bearing removal and cleaning

    Proper bearing removal and cleaning can mean the difference between good performance and bearing failure. If done incorrectly, either procedure can damage the bearing, shaft or housing before installation even begins.

    Bearing removal

    There are a number of recommended tools and methods that assure safe, reliable bearing removal. Using hammers and drift pins, or an uneven application of force, for example, can cause as much damage to the shaft and housing as to the bearing itself.

    Safe bearing removal tools include:

    1. Arbor press;

    2. Mechanical (or hydraulic) jaw-type pullers that grip parts by their press-fit edges ;

    3. Mechanical (or hydraulic) push-pullers that use forcing screws to push or pull parts out of the housing;

    4. Slide hammer pullers with a weighted sliding handle. 

    It strikes a ¡°stop¡± on its own rod and removes parts from blind holes ;

    5. Special purpose pullers for timing gears, crankshaft sprockets, flywheel pilot bearings.

    Selecting the right puller for bearing removal depends on how well the part can be gripped, how much reach and spread (height and width) are needed, and how much power or force is required. To aid in bearing removal, accessories such as extensions for jaw and cross-block pullers, attachments that split bearings, and shaft protectors are also required.

    Here are some suggested methods for safe, reliable bearing removal.

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