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    Hazards of Low Quality Wheel Hub Bearing Accessories

    For car owners, nothing is more important than the health of the car, so what wax, glaze is all at a heavy price, but often ignored the basic maintenance of the car *, many car owners like to go to auto repair shops such as the city to maintain the car, But do not know if the use of counterfeit parts, will cause serious damage to the car, the following to introduce several commonly used genuine parts quality and performance differences.

    Air Filter

    From the appearance of true and false parts are not very different, but from the performance point of view there are great differences.

    (1) From the perspective of filtering performance, the filtering performance of a pure card part is about 10 times that of a fake part. Gaochu!

    (2) From the perspective of size, the size of the pure card parts is more in line with the specifications of the vehicle than the fake parts!

    (3) From the point of view of service life, the service life of a pure card part is twice as high as that of a fake part!

    Hazard: The long-term use of fake air filters will cause a large amount of dust to enter the engine, causing serious damage to the engine.


    (1) Performance Comparison: After experiments, cars equipped with fake brakes were 30 % longer than cars equipped with pure brake pads.

    (2) Comparison of heat resistance: Counterfeit brake sheets due to poor heat resistance caused by the long-term high temperature conditions of friction sheets and metal plate shedding affect the braking effect.

    Hazards: Brakes are important components that ensure the safety of human travel. If fake brakes are used, it is very likely that braking will fail during driving and the speed can not be controlled, with serious consequences.

    spark plug

    (1) Thermal conductivity: From the point of view of the center electrode of the spark plug, the center electrode of the pure brand spark plug is made of copper material and can achieve * good thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of fake spark plugs is much worse than that of pure brand parts.

    (2) Heat resistance: After the heat resistance value experiment, the heat resistance value of the pure brand spark plug is twice that of Gaochu fake spark plug!

    Hazards: The long-term use of fake low-quality spark plugs is likely to cause the electrode to melt and damage the engine.

    As consumers can not recognize the apparent difference between counterfeit parts and pure brand parts from the appearance, so when purchasing parts, you must go to the designated dealership to purchase pure brand parts, so that you can use it safely and drive it safely!

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