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    Welcome to Zhejiang Bensheng Bearing Co.,Ltd.


    Zhejiang Bensheng Bearing Co.,Ltd.


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    Our commitment

       The user is always right; 
       Round-the-clock reply to your request; 
       If you need, we always arrive at the first time you assembly site; 
       We always use smile to every one, every thing; 
      Answer your call twenty-four hours a day phone around the clock!

    Customer is Bensheng bearing of food and clothing parents, and we do have to do all the work, are implemented in order to make the customer satisfied, only the customer satisfaction, our work is well done, productive, to benefit. So we should put customers as the starting point and the location of the center, around the customer's demand, adjust the enterprise management and operation mechanism, research and development to customer satisfaction products, the implementation of customer satisfaction service project, the customer satisfaction as the first criterion of bearing, wholeheartedly for the customer.

    Zhejiang Bensheng Bearing Co.,LTD.

    TEL:+86 0635-2262222

    ADD:Shandong Linqing Yandian Bearing market